About Us

CCS is a IT Managed Services Provider established in 2002 headquartered in Metairie, Louisiana. Computer Consulting is comprised of a team of professional staff whose combined 28+ years of experience in their areas of expertise derived from both, professional IT support structure as an employee of GE Capital ITS and achieving completion of highly regarded Technical Schools.

We offer a variety of professional services to both public and private sector clients which represent a diverse vertical market. Our service range for the New Orleans market is from Baton Rouge, La to Gulfport, Mississippi to clients who are leaders in their respective industries.

CCS’ strength is harnessed in a synergy in years of experience, continued formal and informal education, and strategic partnerships with developers, manufacturers and service providers whose commitment is also providing their clients and consumers with innovative, cost effective products, and with great emphasis on extraordinary customer service.

We strongly believe in the investment of employees and technology as an integral part of what makes a company better, but also just as important are our partnerships. We insist on partnering with others who strive to deliver innovation and extraordinary customer service as their core values at an affordable cost, which play an integral part to aid us in achieving our goal of providing our clients extraordinary service and making our relationships with our clients stronger.

Our business model is to focus primarily on providing value add services via our Managed Services Agreement, which is tailored to the individual client needs, in which we provide a more proactive approach to service delivery, discounted service delivery rate of $50.00/hour for all services and robust services such as Offsite Backup, Web Filtering and etc.

Furthermore, because we believe the service that non-profits provide to be a vital element to our communities and know most times they are faced with constrained budgets, we provide special concessions such as free hours to help non-profit organizations to also obtain robust, affordable and professional IT Services, which also helps them maximize use of their budget and resources on their primary concerns…their services and consumers, while not being distracted by budgetary constraints in the demanding and ever evolving Information Technology Age and is another way we leverage and differentiate our brand.

Also, as we aspire for continued growth and enhancement of our existing model, we also hope to offer Software Development to our clients to improve their employee efficiency and therefore increase their top-line revenue.

Moreover, partnering with CCS provides our clients with a relationship of great long term value and a proven mutually beneficial partnership.